Sunday, January 4, 2009


I know I posted yesterday, but I just found this and I was too excited not to share! Alberta now has a traveling photo booth for weddings!

Here is the link...
The Photobooth Co.

By the looks of it, they are from Calgary, but will travel.

What a fun thing to have as wedding souvenirs for all of your guests! They come with your name and/or date on the strip too.

Here is a video that they have posted on their site - it's about 2 and a half minutes long and shows what they are all about.

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A2Z Photo Booths LLC said...

We have a photo booth company just like them out here in Arizona (they are a competitor) - they are what inspired us. They have good photo booths and it's fun at a wedding. If they are the only service in Alberta, then I imagine they can charge an arm and a leg....out here in AZ, we have several competitors so it helps keep the cost down. But honestly - it really is the bestest thing for a wedding or party!!!