Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beautiful Bride!

I am going to post Cassie & Kyle's pics in a few installments over the next week or so. Here are some of the bride,her mom and her best girls getting ready for the wedding last Saturday.

This wedding was particularly special to me because even though I had never met Cassie before her and Kyle's engagement photos, I used to work with her mom at Perkins and I really felt like we were already friends.

Here are a few of my favorites from that morning;

The gorgeous princess Sarah, before we became friends...

Mom helping with the necklace...

This one is my FAVORITE! There were some really long laces on the back of the dress and we were just discussing what to do with them... Ronda (i'm pretty sure no h, right?) thought that my suggestion was pretty funny.

Cassie, you look so beautiful!

The rings...

Getting ready to leave...

I really wish that I had a camera that takes video as well, I am not sure that the ladies knew I was taking pictures from afar, but they were all singing... it was one of my favorite moments.

Ceremony pics. coming in a few days... check back - and enter the contest below!

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