Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

Cassie & Kyle are getting married in July - and I am so excited to take their wedding pictures! We did some engagement shots in the cold, cold (did I mention cold) winter - and I wanted to share a couple of them.

More to come in July - after the wedding...

A tender moment... this is right before Cassie nearly fell over. Standing on one leg is not easy in the snow!

This one is my favorite...

Hope all of the wedding plans are going well you two - and talk to you soon!

Oh, I forgot, I really have to add one more photo - it is pretty funny!

Nice photo, the dog sitting with them and looking at the camera too... the best part is, this is not their dog. We can only guess that he lives with the family that live in the park we were at! We couldn't get rid of him, so we worked with it.

Anyway, I am hoping to get a bit of pricing up soon, for those of you interested in booking - so check back!

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