Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Part 3 - Amanda & Shaune

So, here is part 3 - there really are SO many photos that I still want to share - so I am going to post the slide show on the website shortly. I will post a link here so that you can all find it easily.

Amanda walking down the aisle, seeing Shaune for the first time (that day).

The candle lighting...

The group, with umbrellas...

The newlyweds!

Congratulations you two!

I am working on the slide show and then i'll get you your disk. Your wait is nearly over... :)

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CamilleElise said...

Hey!! Thanks for adding me as a friend on the [b] school. It's so exciting being in there after having waited so long. Love all these shots, it's great seeing someone from Medicine Hat building such a wonderful business.