Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Christmas Cards

I have ordered some really cute templates for Christmas this year. I thought that I would post a few to show you all what they look like. They are not all in this photo, just some of my favorites - these are all horizontal, but there are some vertical ones too... I have all of the designs printed up in a binder, so when you are having your photos taken, let me know that you are interested, and I'll bring the binder so that you can see the whole selection. Right now, I can order these as 5x7 prints that you can slide into your yearly Christmas card/letter. I am looking for somewhere that can print them as actual cards as well, but I am having a hard time finding somewhere that is good quality, relatively inexpensive, and also in Canada - or in the U.S. that has quick shipping. If you know of anywhere let me know... otherwise, enjoy!

Happy early Thanksgiving!

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