Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun Wedding Accessories!

I found these on another photographers blog that I read and I HAD to share - these are the absolute cutest accessories I have seen! Here are a few photos and the link to their site...

Muscari - by Easter Yu

Muscari Pure White Blooming Box Ring Cushion

This is an awesome alternative to the standard ring pillow.

Muscari Birch Ring Cushion

My favorite, I think!

Muscari Bird Nest Ring Cushion

Mossy Basket

Really different boutonniere...

Feather Flower - so cute as an alternative to a veil.

The prices are in US dollars I think, but they seem very reasonable for something so cute and unique. I think that they may do custom colors as well... Anyway, just had to share, if someone buys something let me know, I would love to see them up close!


Anonymous said...
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Sara Mellander said...

These are really neat!

Md.Farhad Ahamed farhad said...

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