Monday, May 5, 2008

Pricing Guide...

Good afternoon...

I thought that I would just post some basic pricing for those of you who are interested in booking. Of course anything can be changed or added depending on your needs/wants.

My basic price (for now) is $150.00 for a regular shoot - that includes - engagements/couples, babies, maternity, children, families or groups of four or less, grads... basically anything and
anyone 4 people or less. This price includes my time and talent, retouching and editing of the photos and you will get a disk with 4x6 sized photos for you to take to the printer of your choice (I can recommend good ones - yes, some are better quality than others), a slide show set to music - and depending on what kind of shoot you are having... a little something extra. Examples:
Engagement - a photo book set up in a guest book format for use at the wedding - with a mixture of photos and lined pages for guests to sign at the wedding/reception. Or, if you
already have a guest book, it can also be used to pass around the reception for friends & family to give helpful advice and tips to the bride and groom.

Young child's birthday shoot - I make and decorate a small birthday cake for them to dig into, balloons, and a printed storyboard of favorite shots to hang in your house.

So, the special item will depend...

If you have a big group (reunion, birthday party, anniversary party, teams...) let me know, we can come up with a package together... the price will definitely depend on the situation.

And, finally weddings - without going into too much detail - (I have printed materials outlining specific packages which I will send out if you e-mail me) But, just to give you an idea, prices start at $900.00 (engagement shoot included) and depending on what albums, prints, how many hours of coverage you'd like.... can go up to $2000.00ish - but like anything else, custom packages can be worked out. Just let me know what you'd like included.

Once you e-mail or call letting me know you are interested in a session we can work out a date and I will either drop off, or mail a clothing guide, pricing guide, and other fun "paperworky" stuff to you. We will also discuss location - outside at a park, a bit more industrial setting,
your house/backyard, at a farm, playground, beach... I don't currently have a studio location, so we can work together to find a place perfect for you.

I usually like to drop off your disks, prints, etc. myself, as long as you are in town, so no pick up needed, unless you want to.

I am not sure what else to include here... so much information to pass on. Let me know if you have any questions - I am usually fast at returning e-mails - so don't hesitate to write. Oh, and I am getting together a list of print prices, and albums etc. separately, I will post that when I have it ready... probably in a few weeks.

I will leave you today with a photo of the Japanese Gardens in Lethbridge, why?... just because they are pretty - this one was obviously taken in the fall, it was a bit chilly, but SO worth the beautiful colors.

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