Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Wow, to be married for 30 years... these two are my parents-in-law and they will be celebrating their 30th anniversary in a few weeks. We scanned a photo taken on the wedding day and then updated it a bit - this is their invitation - the writing was on a separate vellum sheet over top. CUTE!

They are having a re-wedding (I call it that to be silly, but really its a vow renewal). In the SAME little church (chapel?) in B.C. where they were married oh so many years ago!
We did photos on a ridiculously windy day - we all nearly blew away, and it definitely made for some interesting hair in a few photos...(which I won't post)

They printed out their favorite photos and wrapped chocolates in them as favors for the guests at the reception. Yummy dark chocolate...

Here is another of my favorite pics. from that day;

We are staying at a fancy resort.... I am really excited. My husband is mostly excited to check out the cigar and brandy room - http://www.crownisle.com/

Anyway, this is the last photo I am posting for tonight, gotta go watch House from last night. I really do love the PVR.

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